increased OPERATIONal safetY

Increase the opportunity for timely action to maintain safe vessel operations

improved vessel planning

Improve planning with real-time and predictive mooring analytics

data-driven decision-making

Help operators and captains make more-informed decisions


We create safer, smarter and more efficient ports

With a predictive decision support solution that uses real-time data and metocean forecasts to enhance vessel mooring and related operations.


A Digital twin of the ship-shore interface

Driven by relevant data, a digital twin is a virtual mirror of a real-world asset, process or even an entire system, in this case the ship-shore interface. This mirror provides insight into how the interaction between ship and shore under a variety of simulated conditions, helping you to improve decision-making and optimize business processes.

We innovate for you

We innovate with our key users in mind. We provide them real-time, predictive insights into unsafe mooring situations to help maintain control and boost operational efficiency.

HARBOUR MASTERS / duty officers

We provide duty officers and harbour masters an overview of unsafe and potentially risky mooring situations across the entire port, including vessel clearance requests.

terminal operators

For terminal operators, our solution provides insights into situations that could impact operational windows.


Our solution gives captains an extra pair of eyes for insight into unsafe mooring situations during cargo and vessel operations.

Trusted by our clients

We’re helping clients around the world make their ports safer

In collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV, SaqrPort became the WORLD’S FIRST port to implement Smart Mooring software for wave conditions at our port. SaqrPort / Free Zone( part of the RAK PORTS group ) is one of the Middle East’s leading port industrial clusters and the largest bulk port in the region. The Smart Mooring platform provides actionable insights for our marine operational decision makers. Safety is sacrosanct at RAK PORTS and implementation of Smart Mooring is a testimony of our commitment in operating an efficient and safe terminal at Ras Al Khaimah.
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Michael Magee

Group Harbour Master at RAK Ports

Together with RHDHV Digital we have introduced the Smart Mooring software solution in our port. Being able to predict the impact of weather conditions on moored vessels will make vessel operations safer and more efficient. Port of Rotterdam is always exploring new ways to make our port safer, more durable and increase efficiency. Digitalization plays an important role in these efforts. RHDHV Digital has developed the Smart Mooring software and we are proud to state that we are a partner in this digital innovation.
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Port of Rotterdam   

The Port of Algeciras has set up a Smart system for predicting safety and operational efficiency under the project name ‘PROAS’ (Port Risk Optimized Advanced System). Our Smart Mooring software now contributes to PROAS by providing actionable insights related to the wind impact on moored vessels in the Algeciras bay.


The port of Algeciras

Cutting through the data and giving us actionable insights allows us to make decisions that keep our port moving.

Michael Magee
Group Harbour Master at RAK Ports

More about how Smart Mooring helps harbour masters in their daily routine

Smart mooring and innovation

As your daily operations generate more and more data, it’s time to put it to good use. We combine your data, local environmental conditions, and decades of experience in ship hydrodynamics.


We’re here to help our customers adapt to a very demanding future, helping them become safer, more data-driven, and more efficient.

value for money

We help our customers maximise their investment by applying intelligence where it adds the most value.


Smart Mooring is easy to use and supports everyday decision-making, so our comprehensive analysis is available for everyone who needs it. 

seeing is believing

To embrace a new way of working, people need to understand the added value the new technology can offer them- and we can help you build this motivation, one step at a time

Let us help you to increase safety and gain operational uptime

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